Metal Bed: A Trending Bed Frame

Metal bed is one of the popular bed frames nowadays. It’s an effortless maintenance bed for anyone who wants to buy a profitable bed frame in an affordable range with great quality. The metal bed frame is simply designed. It comes with color options and size options or many more. The metal bed frame fits in mostly all kinds of décor rooms and gives a vintage vibe. Its quality describes its durability it means metal lasts for ages so it’s a great investment for you. It is a comfortable bed frame that comes with a headboard also. A metal bed is a simple and vintage bed frame to add to your bedroom.

 Metal Bed with Affordable Price at PlusOne

At PlusOne we have great quality and quantity of metal bed frames with an affordable price range. You can get opulence verities of metal bed frame which definitely goes with your bedroom’s interior and adds a nice touch to it. You can also buy a metal bed king size for your lavish bedroom.

PlusOne online store gives you many offers and discounts on your decent choices. The metal provides stability to the whole bed frame structure. You’ll find more verities like muckle bed frame, sark bed frame, lona bed frame, metal bed queen size, and Oscar bed frames at PlusOne online furniture store.

At PlusOne we offer you a customization option so you can choose your choice freely in just one touch. Metal bed frames keep the problem of pests away for a longer run. Its solid nature makes it more lasting for ages and there won’t be physical damage. Metal beds are available in both sizes king and queen size and, they are also available in various colors and finishes. They add extra charm to your bedroom.

Metal beds are designed in such a manner that it gives modern look. You can choose the bed with a frame on both sides or you can go with one side frame also, it’s all up to you how you want your bed.

You can choose different types of metal beds online from us. Like:

Metal Bed King Size: king size is enough in itself and it also comes in a metal frame means it lasts for ages so it’s a great investment for anyone who is searching or thinking of buying king size bed. King size metal bed frame gives you a simple and classy vintage look through its design and finishing. You can add it to your bedroom at an affordable price with many exciting offers.

Metal Bed Queen Size: Queen Size metal Bed is enough for two people and it is also available in many frames like metal frames which extends its durability and makes it last for ages.

Metal Beds Frame: you can see many frames of metal beds online compared to offline. You can order a metal bed online in king and queen size or you can buy sark metal, Oscar metal, and muckle bed frames in any size you want.

Metal beds are a great choice for anyone who prefers a simple and classy bedroom with a modern touch in it. At PlusOne you’ll get trendy and modern ongoing pieces of metal bed in India. We also have a wide-range collection of metal sofa cum bed.

Why Did You Choose Us?

At PlusOne we provide you with the best metal bed at your doorsteps. We put your conditions and wants in the first place. You are just one click away from your favorite furniture, you can order online at any time from PlusOne’s online furniture store. It is one of the most reliable online furniture stores in India because we focus on quality first.

At PlusOne you can customize your requirement such as a metal bed king size or any specific size with us and we are available with a complete range of furniture. You can explore our rich collection with us. We manufacture according to your choice.

PlusOne gives you exciting offers and discounts that everyone demands before buying furniture with great quality. You can order your product from PlusOne for free installation. If you buy furniture from PlusOne you’ll get a lifetime buy-back offer which is absolutely a great deal for anyone who is planning for purchasing furniture.

You’ll get many advantages from PlusOne’s online store with trust and quality of the product. A reliable store where you’ll find your décor fit and dreamy furniture. Furnish your house and make it home with our modern furniture.

Advantages of Buying a Metal Bed

Buying a metal bed gives the simplest as well as retro classiness touch to your bedroom. Everyone has misconceptions about metal beds but all are wrong because they are comfortable as wooden beds and add great glam to your room.

If you want to give your room a vintage touch or a bohemian theme then it is one of the best choices for you to buy in beds. It is one of the affordable purchases you can go for in beds. Metal beds are stable and live for ages without demanding any maintenance.

If you are just thinking to add a metal bed frame to your bedroom then don’t just think about it, buy it and add it to your relaxing zone. You can buy metal bed online for easy hassle-free purchasing. Online stores give you many options in a single kind of furniture with a filter option that is very helpful for you in searching for your furniture.

Things To Be Considered While Buying a Metal Frame Bed

Size of Your Space: The first thing to be considered is measuring the size of your space where you are going to put your metal bed frame. You can also compare the size from online options and find the one which fits into your space in just a few steps without any hassle.

Comfort: You spend most of your time in your bedroom so it should be a comfortable one. So, purchase according to your style and choose the bed’s size according to your need and make it more comfortable and furnished.

Affordable Frame: It is necessary to finalize your range that you can spend on purchasing and decide or find your product according to that only. You can find many options in your range on our online store.

You can consider many things before buying your metal bed frame. At PlusOne’s store, you’ll get great and quick responses and answers to your confusion.

 Don’t wait, shop it now and make your comfort priority with us.

Metal Bed's FAQ

Q:1  Why Should I Purchase A Metal Bed From Plusone India?

Our metal beds are designed with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced comfort and are available in different sizes like metal bed king size, metal bed queen size, metal sofa cum bed to suit every Requirement.


Q:2  How Is Plusone India Different From Its Competitors?

We deal in the business of manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products including – Steel Furniture, Steel Beds, and Furniture to name a few. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a niche for ourselves by offering a superior quality product at an affordable price to our customers.


Q:3 What Is Your Delivery Time?

We deliver the products within 7-10 working days.


Q:4  Do You Provide Installation Service?

Yes, we do. We offer installation services at an additional cost.


Q:5 What Is The Payment Mode?

We accept payment through cheque, cash, and online banking.

Q:6 Why a Metal Bed for the Bedroom?

The metal bed offers many amazing features such as durability, low maintenance, build quality, etc. It makes the bedroom more luxurious and also well-known for comfort.

Q:7 Why Choose PlusOne for Metal Beds?

Metal beds are well-known for their quality and durability and we make them more useful with our expertise. We have a wide range of collections of Metal beds at a discount which makes us the first choice for Metal beds.

Q:8 Do You Provide Metal Beds without Storage?

Yes, you can buy a Metal bed from our website without storage. You just need to select the option on the website.

Q:9 Do You Provide any Discount on a Metal Bed?

Yes, we provide great discounts and deals on the Metal bed. Explore wide range of collections and buy the best according to your requirements on a pocket-friendly budget.

Q:10 Do You Provide Free Delivery on Metal Beds?

Yes, shop Metal bed with free delivery. You can also read our policies for more details.



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