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Your home is one of the reasons why you fall in love with it. Furniture is the accent that definitely brings your home together and helps you enjoy the comforts of a comfortable lifestyle. As furniture makes up a significant part of your home, why not consider using remanufactured furniture in a different capacity?


At PlusOne, you can find a stunning variety of precious sheesham wood furniture that breathes new life into your home. Using remanufactured furniture is not just beautiful but is also a great environmental gesture as it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Choose from our wide range of sofas, beds, workstations, tables, storage, chairs, appliances, and home decor that will make your home shine. Our comfortable beds are made from solid wood furniture and come in various sizes - from single beds for deep sleepers to king-size beds for extra space.

Our sofas allow you to put your feet up and relax after a long day, or even open up into beds to provide you with extra space. The wide selection of remanufactured furniture is sure to add vibrancy to your home! So, if you're looking to purchase remanufactured wooden furniture online from the comfort of your own home, PlusOne is the solution you need!


Why You Choose Us?


PlusOne provides you with the best solid wooden furniture at your doorstep. We are just one click away from you just select your favourite one and order at any time. Our first step is to build your trust. We are reliable online furniture stores in India who put customer’s priority first, our main focus is on the quality of our product. With us you can customize as your requirement .we are available with a complete range of furniture. Let's explore the rich wooden collection with us.


Buying a Solid wood furniture which matches your taste and go on with your home décor is now easy with PlusOne India with the wide range of collection and best quality ,we provides you the best selected options with many ideas that you can add on to personalize your wood furniture with us. We provide you with a double bed ,Sheesham wood bed ,king size bed, queen size bed, metal bed, hydraulic bed, front drawer bed, Side drawer bed and many more types of beds. We also have a wide collection of tables, study table, dining table, side table and more wooden furniture with great quality and a fantastic trendy collection which definitely goes with your expectations. 


Let's Set Your Home’s Interior with Us By Step to Step:


Living Room is the main showstopper of your space which directly attracts anyone, so you must select its furniture carefully which goes with it. At PlusOne you can find engaging furniture for your living room. Whether you are looking for a wooden sofa set, sofa cum bed with or without storage,2 seater sofa set, 3 seater sofa set or solid wooden table for your living room, or any solid wooden furniture, we have it all.


·         Sofa Cum Beds are the one that optimizes less space and add a ravishing presence to your space.


·         Wooden Sofa Set adds a classic look to your place, find a suitable set for you with PlusOne.

·         L shape sofa sets are the perfect furniture for you to manage in less space.

·         T.V Unit and Stands are essential furniture; we craft solid wooden pieces of T.V units and stands for you which add a sober but classic touch to your room.

·         Coffee Table and center Tables are the most useful furniture and it adds uniqueness to your area. You can choose wide range of tables online and compliment your living area.

Dining Room area is a collection of many bitter and sweet memories; it should include comfortable furniture which suits you or adore your place. With us, you can find solid wooden chairs, dining tables, and more to make your space feel like home.

Study Room is the place of the house where all you need is subtle and classy furniture and we have all your needs regarding that. You can buy study table online from PlusOne. 

Bed Rooms are the heart of your house. Where you can relax, which defines all your comfort. We have all the furniture you want for your bedroom a bed with storage, a solid wooden bed, a Sheesham wood bed, and a king size bed, queen size bed, a metal bed, and more according to your choice you’ll find at PlusOne.

Outdoor Furniture is a must- go on thing to add to your house garden, where you can sit comfortably and chit-chat with your ones, we’ll have many varieties in outdoor furniture like solid wooden chairs, coffee table sets, and a more rich collection.

Shoe Rack is an essential need that helps you to organize your footwear but with it, it is necessary to purchase the one which also goes with your home’s interior. so, we help you to find yours, with a wide collection of our shoe racks.


Things To Consider Before Buying Furniture


Before buying your furniture you should give priority to your choice and requirement instead of confusing yourself. To understand your needs much better you may go through with the list given below.


·         Budget: You should finalize your budget before buying your furniture and start looking at the collection which is budget-friendly for you.


·         Design: Make your mind for design because we all know that there are thousands of designs available .so, you should make your mind and choose the design that you are going to have, then choose the colors and style that you want.


·         The Size of the furniture is the most important step for buying the furniture.


·         Feature: You should be clear in your mind that what kind of features you want in your furniture whether it is a wooden sofa set or a Sheesham bed or any wooden furniture.


·         Place: Purchase your furniture according to your place, which goes with it or which not


·         Choose a reliable site: choose a site that fulfils your needs or it should be reliable. You can rely on us, we provide the best quality. Our furniture is made of rosewood and we ensure durability.


·         Sheesham Wood: sissoo is a large, crooked tree with long leaves; its scientific name is “Dalbergia sissoo”. It is craving friendly hardwood.

Purchase Furniture With Worthy Investment:


Wood furniture is something that gives wings to your place and makes you feel like a king. Buying your favourite may sometimes cost you high but we are here to solve your issue with the EMI option, where you don’t have to make sacrifices in your choice. We provide you with many discounts and benefits in your online furniture shopping with us. Your space is where you invest to make it comfortable and worthy. So, we assure you that no compromise will be in our furniture quality. Why select the remanufactured piece of furniture? The type of piece of furniture you select features a vital impact on the vibes of your area.


From paying a lesser value for a high-grade piece of furniture to reducing carbon footprints, getting remanufactured pieces of furniture has some serious benefits. It’s usually less expensive, environment-friendly, and moral. Easy affordability one of the explanations why folks purchase remanufactured pieces of furniture is to avoid wasting more cash. It’s simple on your billfold. Environment friendly usually, previous and used pieces of furniture finish up during lowland that harms the surroundings. Shopping for remanufactured furniture isn't solely cost-efficient; however, it is additionally smart for the world. Reliability and longevity remanufactured piece of furniture is made sturdier and may stand up to a lot of wear and tear. It’ll usually last for years to return. Before we have a tendency to remanufacture a piece of furniture, it goes through examination right in our largest remanufacturing center. Sense of singularity don’t you wish to be distinctive, particularly once expressing your temperament with the furniture piece of furniture article of furniture furnishings you set in your home? Buying remanufactured furniture provides an exciting chance for you to spot a craft that reflects your vogue.


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